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Listed: Mon Jul 16th
Edenvale Bedfordview
EKURHULENI METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY EDENVALE SERVICE DELIVERY CENTRE LOCAL GOVERNMENT NOTICE NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 44(4) READ WITH SECTION 45(3) OF THE RATIONALISATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS ACT, 1998 The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality hereby gives notice in terms of Section 46(2) read with Section 45(3) of the Rationalisation of Local Government Affairs Acl. No. 10 of 1998, that it has imposed a restriction of access for security and safety purposes Spencer and Tennyson Avenues. Senderwood Township for a period of two (2) years. The existing closure is as follows: - There exists a mobile toilet, guard hut and a boom gate manned by 24 hour security - at the intersection of Tennyson and Spencer Avenues. There is also a guard hut and a closed palisade gate at the Intersection of Chaucer and Spencer Avenues. Boundaries: *Spencer West *Spencer East * Chaucer North * Chaucer South Conditions of the closures are as follows: (a) That provision of Section 44 of the Act being complied with; (b) That a 24 hour manned gate BE PROVIDED at the interseclion of Chaucer and Tennyson Avenues; (c) That a pedestrian gate BE PROVIDED at the main gate, keys and remole controls BE SUPPLIED; (d)That the sectlon of road affected by sewer services should not be affecled by closure; (e) That provision of 24 hour access to municipal services manned by security guards should be made avaitable for maintenance purposes; (f) That access of Emergency Services vehicles must be available on 24 hour basis; (g) That there must be unrestricted access of City of Ekurhuieni vehicles and officials for municipal services; (h) That the association has to provide water and sewer department with access to its sewer services during all hours including weekends and public holidays; (i) That the height of the gate should be high enough to allow heavy duty emergency vehicles to access area in case of emergency; (j) That access should be wide enough lo accommodate refuse removal trucks: (k) That no permanent structures shall be constructed within 1m of any municlpal water. sewer and electricity syslems; (l) That the Residents Association accept that all the roads within the said `Security enclosure" still constitutes public roads for whatever reason may not be prohibited; (m) That the provisions of Chapter 2,Seclion 9.10.12,14.16,21 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa BE ADHERED TO; (n) That it is imperative that all relevant legislation and requirements (i.e National, Provincial) be complied with; (0) That activities to be undertaken in the area must be In accordance with the applicable By-laws, policies and requirements of the City of Ekurhuleni; (p) That a plan indicating all the required signage, as per the South African Road Signs Manual, will be required; (q) That adequate traffic signs and road markings be erected in consultation with the Head of Department: Roads& Stomwater. City of Ekurhuleni, at the cost of Residents Association; (r) That no security fences, gates, guard houses or booms, etc be erected prior to the approval of the detailed building plans Indicating the position of accesses and the road signs to be Installed by the HOD: Roads & Stonwater; (s) That a detailed layout of the access control point (indicating amongst other, the position of control point, type of control, lane widths, position of the pedestrian gates etc)should be submitted to this Department for approval; (t) That The necessary way-leave approvals should be obtained from Road & Stonwater Department: Operations Division before excavation work; (u) That the approva/ of /his app/icalion is valid for two (2) years only, after which the applicant may re- apply. All conditions must be complied with during the approval period, failing which the Council may wilhdraw the approval and all costs to remove all closures, within the subject area, shall be cost of the applicant; (v) That any damage caused to the Council`s services as a result of the closure of the closure of the relevant public streets be OF the account OF

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Listed: Thu Jul 19th
Benoni City Times
GAUTENG GAMBLING ACT, 1995 APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF BOOKMAKER`S LICENCE Notice is hereby given that Supaworld Gauteng (Pty) Ltd intend submitting an application to the Gauteng Gambling Board to take transfer of a bookmaker`s licence from Betting World and an amendment of a bookmaker`s licence, to relocate from Emperors Casino, World Trade Centre, 64 Jones Road Jurgens Park, Kempton Park to Shop 17 - 19, 2 Voortrekker Street, Benoni. The application will be open to public inspection at the offices of the board from the 23rd of July 2018 Attention is directed to the provisions of Section 20 of the Gauteng Gambling Act No 4 of 1995 (as amended), which makes provision for the lodging of written representations in respect of the application. Written representations should be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer, Gauteng Gambling Board, Private Bag 15, Bramley, 2018, within one month from 23rd of July 2018. Such representations shall contain at least the following information: (a) the name of the applicant to which representations relate; (b) the ground or grounds on which representations are made; (c) the name, address, telephone and fax number of the person submitting the representations (d) whether the person submitting the representations requests the board to determine that such person`s identity may not be divulged and the grounds for such request; and (e) whether or not they wish to make oral representations at the hearing of the application.

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Listed: Tue Jul 17th
Southern Courier
NEW CONCEPT MINING NEW CONCEPT MINING, AWEROTON: NOTIFICATION OF MAJOR HAZARD INSTALLATION In term of Sub - regulation 3 (2) of the revised Major Hazards Ibstallation Regulations (GNR.692 of 30 July 2001) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993 as amended), New Concept Mining hereby notifies teh public of a new MHI at the New Concept Mining premises at 109 Adcock Ingram Avenue, Aeroton, Johannesburg South, A risk assessment of the major hazard installation has been conducted. In term of Sub-regulatio 3(7) any interested and affected person may, within 60 days of the publication of this advertisement, make written submissions cncerning the proposed installation to the relevant local authorities for the consideration. In term of Sub-regulation 5(8( the aboe risk assessment can be made available by New Concept Mining, Aeroton for scrutiny Relevant Local Authority: Mr. J Gopy Fire Safety Code Enforcement Inner City 4th floor CJ Cronje building 80 Loveday street Johannesburg

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Listed: Thu Jul 19th
Benoni City Times
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in terms of Regulation 43(1) of the regulations published in Government Notice No. R. 327: Listing Notice 1 (dated 7 April 2017) of the intent to carry out a listed activity. Applicable to this application is Listed Activity 14: `The development and related operation of facilities or infrastructure, for the storage, or for the storage and handling, of a dangerous good, where such storage occurs in containers with a combined capacity of 80 cubic metres or more but not exceeding 500 cubic metres` The project involves the construction of a new Petrol Filling Station on the remainder of portion 27, of the farm Vlakfontein 30 IR (to be known as Portion 1 of ERF 361 Norton Park Extension 13) Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng Province. In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party, please submit your name, contact information and interest to Danie Neumann from ECOTECHNIK Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd at ecotechnik@mweb.co.za within 30 days from publication of this notice (19th July 2018). Tel: (012) 345 6548, Cell: 072 6434361 or Fax: 086 684 5250.

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